When I heard the last remaining Tad’s Steak was about to shut down in New York City, I wasn’t quite surprised but will be sad to see it go.  You see, back in the day when I was a kid, my father used to take me and my four sisters on the subway for a trip to Tad’s in Times Square on the weekends. To us it was a big adventure.  Back then, 42nd Street was quite seedy lined with adult book shops and strip joints.

I remember walking into Tad’s and grabbing one of those bright red trays. As we stood on line we could see the flames shooting up into the air behind the counter and the smell of steak wafting through the air. For folks on a budget, this was a meal to remember. 

So, I decided to pay the last Tad’s a visit in Midtown and surprisingly not much has changes.  The grill chef was flipping all sorts of steaks; sirloin, filet mignon and t-bones. None of which were very thick compared to a Double Eagle at nearby Del Frisco’s. But a steak is a steak. I splurged on the $14 T-Bone. As I waited I was still fascinated with the flames dancing on the grill. In fact, people still stare through the window to watch the show. 

There isn’t much to a meal here.  When the steak arrive there was a plop of mashed potatoes placed alongside it and a piece of garlic bread with gravy slathered on both. There was also a small salad on the side. Those in search of a glass of wine would find it beneath a sliver of Saran Wrap. But this is exactly as I remembered it. 

Once the tray was full I mozeyed into the back dining room which looked like a blast from the 60s with formica tables and easy-listening music piped in. There were young families, and tourists who I believe were speaking French.  A real melting pot.

It was here that I put my knife into my steak and had a flashback of what a I remembered most, the gristle. Yes, it wasn’t the finest cut, but still good enough to clean my plate, gristle and all.  I’ll miss that!

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