When New York Governor Andrew  Cuomo announced plans to reopen restaurants as of September 30th for indoor dining at 25% of capacity, it came with some caveats.  One of them was snitching.  

Here’s how the Governor put it:  

“New Yorkers, I’m asking to report violations of that 25 percent capacity. We call it ‘New Yorkers Protecting New Yorkers.’ We’ll have a special alert phone number, text number, that will go to the task force. And we ask people if you’re in a restaurant and you see more than 25 percent in that restaurant and indoor dining, you text the violation, the information to the task force; it will all be anonymous. The restaurant will not know that you were the one who provided information, but it will help that task force, because then the task force can send an inspector to that specific restaurant. And again, you have a universe of about 10 thousand beyond the bars that we’re already monitoring, and we’re asking New Yorkers to be part of the solution. Every restaurant will post their 25 percent capacity of indoor dining. Every restaurant will post that text number, that phone number where people can call and report the violation and I’m asking New Yorkers to be a part of the solution.”

In other words, New Yorkers are now being asked to snitch on fellow New Yorkers.  As if 25 percent capacity isn’t bad enough, now Cuomo wants you to turn your neighbors in.

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