If you were looking for the press to roll out the welcome matt for President Trump’s return to the White House after being treated for coronavirus, think again.

A culture of panic setting in for employees who work at the White House wrote the New York Times.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo tweeted: “There he is: hair blown majestically. ‘I hold rallies and I tell you to ignore masks. And I rip mine off as I vanquish the virus because I am a leader! Fear not COVID.’ What a bunch of bullshit!”

A doctor on MSNBC appeared to be rooting for the President’s decline:

CBS News’ Mark Knoller seemed appalled, tweeting: Though he has a highly contagious and potentially deadly virus, Pres Trump is quick to remove his mask, standing on the WH balcony, aware of all the cameras focused on his return to the WH after four days of hospitalization at Walter Reed.

It appears the Washington Post is feeling queezy, tweeting this: “Epidemiologists just want to vomit.”

USA Today offered this headline:

From COVID-19 to voting: Trump is nation’s single largest spreader of disinformation, studies say

This from the Associated Press:

White House staff, Secret Service eye virus with fear, anger

And those are some of the nicer things being said about the President.

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